Brilliant Planet advances carbon capture technology with world’s largest algae growth pond

Brilliant Planet algae growth pond

by David Schakarov

June 26, 2022 C.E.

Brilliant Planet, a British nature-based carbon capture and storage firm, has built the world’s largest algae growth pond as an affordable method to sequester carbon at the gigaton scale, according to Inhabitat

The firm has built a 30,000-square-meter production facility in Morocco that grows large quantities of microalgae in open-air ponds, without the use of fresh water which is scarce in many parts of the world. Instead, the algae is grown with natural seawater, nutrients, and CO2. 

By imitating the natural process of seasonal ocean algae bloom on land, Brilliant Planet can continue to develop carbon-sequestering factories on coastal desert land, hoping to work as an example for other companies to promote this technology around the world as a key part of climate mitigation.


Era: Today (2017 C.E. - 2024 C.E.)
Year: 2022 C.E.
Topic: Climate crisis and Technology & innovation
Region: Europe and North Africa
Country: Morocco and United Kingdom
Actor Type: Business

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