California to produce its own insulin to make it more affordable and accessible

Insulin pen

by Megan Richardson

July 17, 2022 C.E.

California State Governor Gavin Newsom has announced that the state will invest $100 million to produce its own insulin, according to US News & World Report. Half of the budget will go towards developing low-cost insulin products and the other half will be invested in building a new California-based insulin manufacturing facility.

This critical diabetes medication has been widely known for its astronomical prices in the United States which many people just can’t afford. This health disparity led to the innovative push by California as well as other states. Colorado was the first state to cap insulin prices for private insurance co-payments back in 2019. Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that would cap the monthly cost of insulin to $35 for insured people.

These pushes for insulin to be accessible for all are a step in the right direction. With more states finding ways to push prices down, there is hope that everyone who needs it will be able to access it without undue financial sacrifice.


Era: Today (2017 C.E. - 2024 C.E.)
Year: 2022 C.E.
Topic: Economic inequality and Public health & disease
Region: North & Central America
Country: United States
Actor Type: States & provinces

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