Italy to ban all fur farming in 2022

Minks in a cage

by Peter Schulte

January 04, 2022 C.E.

A new amendment to Italy’s budget law requires all of the country’s remaining ten mink farms to be permanently closed no later than June 30, 2022, according to EcoWatch. Once approved by Parliament, Italy will become the 16th nation in Europe to formally ban such farming.

In addition to being a huge victory for animal rights, the move will also help in the battle against COVID-19. Since the pandemic began, outbreaks have been reported at 465 mink farms worldwide, including some in Italy.

Acknowledging that many companies and families rely on fur farming for their livelihoods, Italy’s Ministry of Agriculture will compensate fur farmers with €3 million each in 2022.


Era: Today (2017 C.E. - 2024 C.E.)
Year: 2022 C.E.
Topic: Animal rights & well-being and COVID-19
Region: Europe
Country: Italy
Actor Type: Nations