Samsung now allows Galaxy users to fix their own devices

Samsung phones

by David Schakarov

April 07, 2022 C.E.

Samsung, a major global electronics company based in South Korea,  announced a new program that will allow users of certain Galaxy smartphone and tablet devices to repair their own products, according to CNN. Until now, Samsung along with many electronics companies have made their products difficult if not impossible to repair, encouraging people to simply buy new devices.

This new program acknowledges the consumers’ right to repair by giving them and third-party fixit companies access to genuine parts, repair tools, and visual step-by-step repair guides for the first time. Starting this summer, the program will be available to users of the Galaxy S20, S21, and Galaxy Tab S7.

Ultimately, giving customers the ability to have control over how and where their devices get fixed will lead to longer lifespans of electronic products and therefore help consumers save money and lead to less electronic waste in landfills.


Era: Today (2017 C.E. - 2024 C.E.)
Year: 2022 C.E.
Topic: Circular economy & zero waste and Consumer rights & well-being
Region: East Asia
Country: South Korea
Actor Type: Business
Institution: Samsung

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