U.K. workers begin world’s largest four-day week trial

British flags strung together

by David Schakarov

June 11, 2022 C.E.

The United Kingdom has launched a landmark 6-month trial of a four-day working week, with no loss in pay for employees, according to The Guardian. More than 3,300 workers at 70 U.K. companies will begin working a four-day week, making it the largest such trial ever. 

Researchers are using the four-day week trial as a way to measure the impact on happiness of workers, productivity, gender equality, and the environment. The non-profit organization 4 Day Week Global is coordinating this program with the UK think tank Autonomy; the 4 Day Week UK Campaign; and researchers at Cambridge University, Boston College, and Oxford University. 

Similar pilot programs have been implemented in Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, based on the 100-80-100 model: 100% of pay for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to maintain 100% productivity.


Era: Today (2017 C.E. - 2024 C.E.)
Year: 2022 C.E.
Topic: Workers' rights & well-being
Region: Europe
Country: United Kingdom
Actor Type: Civil society and Nations
Institution: 4 Day Week Global, Boston College, Oxford University, and University of Cambridge

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