Join me for a complimentary Purpose Discovery Call

Are you missing a strong sense of fulfillment from your career? Are you searching for a new professional role more aligned with your values? Are you struggling to figure out what you have to offer the world? Do you just feel lost or uninspired in general?

If so, uncovering and articulating your purpose can be a powerful way to cultivate clarity, focus, inspiration, and a deep sense of contribution and fulfillment.

Personally, having a more explicit and intentional purpose has helped me get clear on what I want to pursue in my life and career amid all the endless possibilities in today’s world. It’s given me permission to say no to all the opportunities and requests that aren’t totally aligned so I can more fully say yes to what is most meaningful to me. By freeing myself in this way, I’ve also tapped into a deep sense of peace.

I feel inspired to help others do the same.

Starting next week, I will offer a handful of complimentary one-hour purpose discovery calls to anyone interested – first come, first served. This is your chance to discover and articulate your highest purpose, so you can move forward with your life with renewed clarity, focus, passion, and a sense that what you do really means something to you and the world.

You’ll come away with a concrete purpose statement (similar to an organization’s mission statement), articulating a key element of your unique genius and the core value you’re here to cultivate in yourself and the world. You can then apply this purpose to your existing professional roles, creative projects, and relationships, or use it to identify what you want to pursue next in life.

How these sessions work

  1. Schedule your call here.
  2. We’ll meet for one hour via online video conference.
  3. I’ll ask you questions to uncover your unique “genius” and core value.
  4. We’ll draft a statement distilling what this chapter of your life is about.
  5. We’ll identify some practical ways you can put this purpose into action.

Limited space available! My coaching practice is filling up quickly, so I am only able to offer these complimentary calls a handful of times every month. If you’re interested, make sure to reserve your spot now.

Here’s what a recent client had to say about the process:
“Discovering my “purpose” through Peter’s guidance has brought me a meaningful sense of clarity and grounding. I entered into the purpose discovery process with curiosity and some skepticism, but I am frequently struck by the impact it has had and continues to have on me, my decision-making process, and my sense of internal alignment.” – S.H.