Social justice warriors & political correctness are tearing us apart

SocialJusticeWarriors copy

More and more voices are calling out “social justice warriors” and their political correctness for tearing our society apart.

They’re right.

SJWs and their political correctness ARE tearing us apart. They are actively and intentionally deconstructing and delegitimizing aspects of our society that have worked to marginalize and oppress. They are tearing at the fabric of our norms. They are seeking to destroy and dismantle in order to allow something new to emerge. They are doing this forcefully and unapologetically.

There is loss to this. There is rightful sadness for the comfort and familiarity many of us are leaving behind. There is rightful anger at the coerced and even “militant” nature of SJWs’ interventions. There is rightful fear about what destructive forces might spring up in the void created when we dismantle our system.

And so I sympathize with those who feel increasingly ostracized in a society where they once felt at home. They see SJWs as a great destabilizer. They are not wrong.

But I also see that this is the cycle of humanity. We are in – and have always been in – a constant state of change and evolution, birth and destruction. This is our genius.

And so there have always been two types of people: 1) change agents who want to drive progress and 2) preservers who want to keep our many great accomplishments intact. These two groups are in a constant tug-of-war. And so we are always hanging in the tension between permanence and impermanence, preservation and creative destruction, pulled in either direction.

This is a good thing.

It’s good that we have people fighting to preserve the great strides we’ve made, our traditions, our heritage. It’s also good that we have people fighting to build something new, something that has never existed before, to envision a way we can be better off than ever before. We’d be lost without both.

Social justice warriors are tearing us apart. They are breaking something down so that something new can emerge. This is painful. This is necessary. This is inevitable.