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The Bright Future Network is a supportive network for a diverse group of members looking to create a sustainable future.

The Bright Future Network (BFNet) is made up of graduates from the Bright Future Now course provided by the Context Institute. The purpose of this network is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by helping members facilitate their culture-changing activities. Research has shown that people who are a part of strong networks are often more successful and resilient, and BFNet hopes to bring this power to its members. The network acts like a professional association that offers support for members’ independent projects, common interest groups, shared learning activities, and project incubation.
BFNet creates a baseline connection for a diverse group of members to find support for their sustainable goals. Members range from artists to lawyers and there is a wide range of project types encouraged within the network. Some projects that have come about from this network are REDES in Senegal, a network for eco villages, BERAS International, a regenerative agriculture system, and Jazz Leadership. BFNet hopes to continue its journey of supporting members and growing their projects.


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