Social Progress Imperative

About Social Progress Imperative

The Social Progress Imperative is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit created in 2012 that is best known for the Social Progress Index, a multi-indicator index that assesses the social and environmental performance of different countries. The Social Progress Index is an effort to complement the measure of national performance using traditional economic measures, such as GDP, with data on social and environmental performance.

The Social Progress Imperative’s mission is to use data to influence politics and investments to better serve all of humanity. By partnering with leaders in every sector–government, business, and civil society–they are able to meet the pressing needs of communities and equip them with the right information to tackle urgent global challenges. The company develops data-driven tools that measure whether people have what they need to prosper, from basic needs like adequate shelter, being well-nourished, and feeling safe, to whether they are treated equally regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation to help improve the quality of life for all.


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