About Spark of Genius

Our Purpose

To inspire, connect, and nurture the next generation of change leaders

What is Spark of Genius?

We are a 501c3 nonprofit offering insight and inspiration to anyone yearning to help build a more sustainable, just, and peaceful world.


  • We offer 1 on 1 coaching to aspiring change leaders looking to tap into their innate genius, live their authentic purpose, and make a meaningful contribution to social change.
  • We are continuously developing the Purpose 101 curriculum exploring passion, purpose, leadership, social change, and personal transformation.


  • We publish a weekly newsletter featuring good news for climate, justice, democracy, health, prosperity, and peace from around the world.
  • We host Archive of Human Genius, the world’s largest database of social change milestones – past, present, and future.

About Peter Schulte

For the first decade-plus of my career, I worked in the non-profit sector collaborating with the United Nations and some of the world’s largest companies on corporate sustainability practices for water and climate. I have a B.S. in Conservation & Resource Studies and B.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA in Sustainable Systems from Presidio Graduate School.

I’m now the founder & Executive Director of 501c3 nonprofit Spark of Genius and a leadership coach supporting purpose-driven professionals. I also recently co-founded Bellingham Men’s Circle.

I live in Bellingham, WA USA on the lands of the Lummi & Nooksack peoples with my partner Sara, children Owen and Asa, and cat Winnie. I like to sing, play guitar and piano, write songs and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest and beyond. I’m (slowly) writing a book called Humanity Is Beautiful: A New Story For A World On Fire.

I use either he or they pronouns.

Board of Directors

Emily Affolter
PhD Program Director for Sustainability Education at Prescott College
Prescott, AZ

Michael Albers
Product Management Leader (formerly CPO at Yahoo!/Verizon Media)
Menlo Park, CA

Cecilia Lopez
Co-CEO at Handprint
Easthampton, MA

Kit Fordham
Executive Director at Mni Sota Fund
Minneapolis, MN

Aric Ho
Director of Operations at UW Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity
Seattle, WA

Peter Schulte
Executive Director & Founder at Spark of Genius
Bellingham, WA