Friday marked my one-year anniversary as a leadership coach. It feels like I’ve learned an almost impossible amount about myself, this profession, and my role and style within it. And yet, it’s also shocking how fast it has all gone by. I still feel like I’m just scratching the surface, still in the very early days of this journey.

I’ve definitely had my share of discouraging moments and setbacks along the way, especially in those first few months.

But in hindsight, this first year went better than I really could have possibly hoped. I now have a nearly full roster of clients. I have systems in place both administratively and in how I work with people. I’m no longer hemorrhaging money as I transition into a completely new source of income.

But more than all that, it has become crystal clear that I truly love this work. I get to make deep, meaningful, human connections with beautiful, inspiring people from a wide range of backgrounds. I have a sense that what I do is socially impactful, while also leveraging gifts and talents of mine that had gone underutilized for far too long. And there’s a seemingly endless supply of things to learn and ways to grow. I am just so grateful and delighted that I get to do this.

Deep, deep gratitude to all of you who have supported and encouraged me along the way. Thank you!

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