Discuss the election to your heart’s desire

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I’ve been totally immersed in the U.S. 2020 presidential election. But I notice some guilt about caring so much, so early. Many decry how stupidly long this process is. It’s just entertainment, they say. We should be ashamed of how much we care, they seem to imply.

And it’s true – this is entertainment. There are certainly vital local elections to focus on. We can and should be mindful of that. But why create another thing to feel bad about? These same people would also have us feel bad about how few people care and vote. What exactly is the “right” amount of focus and care?

There’s an opportunity here to simply be grateful that we have a long conversation that explores many of the important issues facing our country and the qualities that make a good leader. Why not take it? Why choose shame over gratitude?

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