I’ve felt torn about writing something about what’s happening in Israel and Palestine.

While I’m used to sharp division in our society and generally not afraid of owning an opinion others may not like, the division playing out over the last few weeks feels different. Even among close friends and people I identify fairly closely with politically, there are wildly different opinions and searing outrage being hurled back and forth at one another. There is basically nothing I can say that won’t piss off someone that I care about and whose position I have sincere empathy for.

I also think my opinion is almost completely worthless here. I know quite little of the nuance and history of the conflict. And I have not been diligently keeping up with the story over the last few weeks. Does the world need another uninformed opinion? Would anything I say just boil down to yet another “look at me!”?

And yet, not acknowledging what is happening when so many people I care about are hurting doesn’t feel right either. I don’t want to act as if nothing has happened.

So here’s where I’m at with it, for whatever it’s worth: I am heartbroken, afraid, and so f***ing frustrated. I’m frustrated with those within both Palestine and Israel who insist on war and violence. I’m frustrated with those here on social media spouting our certainties, oversimplifications, and condemnations when the situation seems to be calling for more grey, more complexity, and more love.

I stand with anyone on any side working earnestly toward true peace and justice for all. And I feel lost because I’m not sure who that is or how to translate that into meaningful words or actions.

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