Glasgow commits to being free of ‘unnecessary’ plastics by 2030

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Glasgow has announced a new goal of completely eliminating all unnecessary plastics by the year 2030 and eliminate all single use plastics by 2022.ย 

The Glasgow Plastics Reduction Strategy has developed a 24-point plan for accomplishing these goals. Last year they began laying the groundwork for the new initiative after gathering public input on plastic impact and thoughts around reduction. Overwhelming support was reported out of the 1,500 individual responses specifically regarding addressing single use plastics.

The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce detailed the plan in a memo saying, โ€œThe strategy further highlights plastic-reduction possibilities in relation to school catering and council-family operated cafes, reforming the council’s procurement procedures to ensure they are fully engaged with the plastic-reduction agenda and continuing to roll-out the Glasgow Cup Movement, which recycles and reduces the use of single-use cups for hot drinks.โ€

This new action plan came in part after recommendations from the Climate Emergency Working Group. The group has published a comprehensive report and recommendations regarding the country’s response to climate change.

Andy Waddell, Director of Operations for the council’s Neighborhoods and Sustainability Department, said on the plan, โ€œThe action plan sets a course for rapid change in the initial stages and we intend to update our plans on a regular basis. This will help us gather momentum but also refine and strengthen the strategy over its lifespan. The action proposed in the strategy can help Glasgow maintain its position in the UK and across Europe as a leading local authority on sustainability issues.โ€

While some of the identified goals have deadlines years in the future, Glasgow also stated their commitment to show measurable progress in 2020.

What other countries have announced new goals focused on reducing plastic use this year? What is your government (local or national) currently doing to address climate change?

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