My purpose

This is the first in a series of pieces exploring purpose and how it can practically benefit your life and career.

Over the last several months, I’ve written quite a bit about what purpose means to me.

For this chapter of my life, the purpose I’ve defined for myself is: I reveal a world of beauty.

Above all else, what I’m trying to cultivate in this life is beauty. I want myself and others to experience that magical sense of awe that arises when something touches our hearts. In so many ways, that’s what life feels ultimately about, at least for me: to marvel at being alive, to wonder at the natural beauty around us, to have loving relationships, to experience and embody my innate essence.

At the same time, I sense that much of our energy in society right now is about creating something new. Many of us are committed to the modern, Western idea of “Progress.” We strive to move civilization forward with new technologies, new institutions, etc. or to reach our full potential as individuals.

Even those that challenge Western ideas of progress, perhaps are still quite committed to creating a new world. For example, Charles Eisenstein has written eloquently about “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

I share this vision in many ways. And yet, I actually see my role within that as simply seeing, acknowledging, and celebrating the beautiful world that’s already here. We so often think of our world today as ugly and cruel. But my truth is that, while of course there is ugliness and cruelty in our world, it is at the same time almost impossibly beautiful. My hope is that by helping myself and others remember that, we can not only experience the beauty we yearn for right now, but also see that the more beautiful world we want to create is perhaps not as far off as we fear.

In practice, I reveal a world of beauty in many ways. I share good news from around the world. I help my clients see the beauty of who they are. And I strive to share as much of the beauty that wants to be expressed through me as possible – through music, through writing, and maybe most importantly just through simple acts of kindness.

In some ways, “reveal” feels quite humble. I can simply shine a light on what’s already here. It reminds me that it is really not about me. And yet, at the same time, it feels powerful. I think of it almost like magic dispelling the illusion we often live in.

If you embraced how beautiful our world truly is, how might you relate to it differently? How would you feel about this very moment in time? What might you be inspired to create?

Living those questions – and inspiring others to do the same – is my purpose.

Next time, I’ll explore how finding and living purpose can practically benefit your life and career.

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