About Mindbloom

Mindbloom is a Seattle-based mental health and well-being company on a mission to help people expand their human potential. They are actively working to increase access to effective science-backed treatments for anxiety and depression, starting with guided ketamine therapy in comfortable, elevated spaces. Mindbloom partners with licensed psychiatric clinicians to help their clients get the most out of treatment through technology, content, and hospitality-inspired client experiences.

The process begins with an online assessment and video consult with a clinician to see if the client is a fit for the experience. Then, an initial visit is scheduled where the client will prepare with a clinician and undergo the first session. Based on the results, the clinician will provide a personalized plan for the next 5 sessions. Mindbloom offers an online platform to help prepare for sessions and integrate the experience into daily life. They hope to expand individual potential and bring peace of mind through these practices to their clients.


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