Reinventing Organizations

About Reinventing Organizations

Reinventing Organizations is a book written by Frederic Laloux that chronicles the different structures of human organization that have existed throughout history, and proposes a new one. This new organization, referred to by Laloux as a ‘teal organization,’ is built on three pillars related to wholeness, self-management, and evolutionary purpose.

Published in 2014, Reinventing Organizations starts out by journeying through human history and exploring the paradigm shifts that human organizations have gone through, before examining whether humans may be going through a shift currently. The rest of the book serves as a guide, using real-life examples that Laloux studied in order to demonstrate how to run an organization in a new, more soulful way.

Reinventing Organizations is different from nearly all of the books written about management, in that it doesn’t prioritize how to increase market shares in the current management paradigm. Instead, it is written for people who understand that a new style of organization is necessary to progress as humans.


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