The Last Dance

howard chai O FhKHOCoE unsplash

I’ve been watching “The Last Dance,” a new documentary on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls.

I grew up at the exact right time to idolize Jordan. And I did. In my mind, he could do no wrong, on or off the court. He was like a god.

It’s strange to see him again in this series. It doesn’t take long to realize he was often an egotistical, sadistic bully. And yet, until recently, none of this diminished his legend. 

Today’s athletes seem to value brotherhood, kindness, and social change more than Jordan ever did. And we increasingly seem to expect this from them.

For me, it’s another reminder that the very values we live by are evolving right before our eyes. It also makes me wonder: What other legends of ours are due to be re-evaluated? What qualities do we not yet ask of our legends that we should?

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