Fossil fuels now account for less than half of China’s power capacity

Fossil fuels now account for less than half of China’s power capacity

In 2021, China set a goal for renewable capacity — including wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear power — to exceed fossil fuel capacity by 2025, a target that it has hit two years ahead of schedule.

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Rooftop solar capacity grew nearly 50% worldwide in 2022

Installed rooftop solar grew from 79 gigawatts to 118 gigawatts worldwide last year and is projected to reach 159 gigawatts by the end of this year.

Sri Lankan Supreme Court clears path to decriminalize

Sri Lanka’s Supreme Court has given the green light to a bill seeking to decriminalize homosexuality in a move hailed as a “historic development” by campaigners.

Apple has contributed over $200M to Racial Equity and Justice Initiative since 2020

Apple has reported that REJI’s education grants have reached more than 160,000 learners while committing over $50 million to HBCUs and Hispanic-Serving Institutions since it launched in 2020.

Israeli researchers reach ‘breakthrough’ in fight against skin cancer

The researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer believe that their discovery could contribute to the development of a vaccine against melanoma.

Indigenous communities take ownership of what is now Ethiopia’s largest community conservation area

Indigenous communities in the Lower Omo River Valley of southwestern Ethiopia have taken ownership and management responsibilities of the Tama Wildlife Reserve area following legislation passed earlier in 2023.

Minnesota becomes 23rd U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana

Under the measure, people with marijuana convictions will have a chance to clear their records by automatically expunging low-level convictions and establishing a review board to determine eligibility for higher-level offenses.

New program to restore 120 miles of coral reefs off Big Island of Hawai’i

Arizona State University (ASU) will lead the Ākoʻakoʻa initiative, drawing on a funding pool of $25 million to research, conserve and restore degraded corals.

Iceland outlaws conversion therapy in unanimous vote

The Icelandic parliament has unanimously passed a comprehensive conversion therapy ban, prohibiting the practice on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Wind and solar generate more power than coal in the U.S. over five months for the first time ever

“From a coal perspective, it has been a disaster,” said Andy Blumenfeld, an analyst who tracks the industry at McCloskey by OPIS. “The decline is happening faster than anyone anticipated.”

China begins producing solar energy cells for first time (1975 C.E.)

The first solar cell factories were located in Ningbo and Kaifeng. In the decades to come, China would become the world’s undisputed leader in solar energy production.

Humanity achieves 100% renewable energy (2050 C.E. ???)

By sourcing all the world’s energy for heating, cooling, transport, and electricity from green sources, we save millions of human and non-human lives through a more stable climate and reduced air pollution.

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