A change moment

cdc BbP rqIGB c unsplash

This is a terrible time for many of us. We’re locked in our homes. Our jobs are at risk or already lost. We worry for our loved ones. We ourselves may even be vulnerable. 

But I can’t help but notice something else in the air. People are acting differently. When I’m out walking, everyone says hi to one another. As a society, we are talking about drastic measures to protect the most vulnerable that a few weeks ago were labelled “radical.” Many of us seem to be embracing a new sense of kindness and solidarity.

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves throughout our global society. It has turned our lives upside down. This disruption is painful and scary. But it also affords us an opportunity – to look at ourselves and our society from a fresh perspective, to better reflect on what’s truly important to us, to reimagine our duty to one another. In this incredible disruption to the norm, we can begin building a new normal.

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