India to tender massive 50 GW of renewable energy every year for next five years

India to tender massive 50 GW of renewable energy every year for next five years

In 2021, India set the ambitious goal of generating at least half of its energy from non-fossil fuel sources (i.e., solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, tidal, geothermal, etc.) by 2030 in order to combat the climate crisis.

Now, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has announced major investments to help achieve that ambition. Between 2024 and 2028 it will tender at least 50 GW of solar, wind, solar-wind hybrid, and round-the-clock renewable power services every year. To put this in perspective, as of February 2023, the South Asian country had just under 170 GW of installed renewables total and just over 400 GW of installed energy capacity overall.

The 250 GW of renewable energy to be installed over the next five years will easily double the nation’s current capacity and put it on track for 550 GW by 2030. If achieved, this milestone will undoubtedly make India a global leader in renewable energy and climate action.

New nuclear medicine therapy cures human non-hodgkin lymphoma in preclinical model

A single dose of this radioimmunotherapy was found to eliminate tumor cells and extend the life of mice injected with cancerous cells for more than 221 days (the trial endpoint), compared to just 19 days in untreated control mice.

California moves to cap insulin cost at $30 and manufacture its own naloxone

A 10-milliliter vial of insulin will be available for no more than $30, cutting costs by 90% for many.

Colorado passes first U.S. right to repair legislation for farmers

Colorado farmers will be able to legally fix their own equipment next year, with manufacturers including Deere & Co obliged to provide them with manuals for diagnostic software and other aids.

National corridor project aims to save Chile’s endangered huemul deer

Spanning more than 1,700 miles across Patagonia, the route crosses 17 national parks and protects more than 27 million acres of land.

Puerto Rico’s first community solar project goes live

The town of Adjuntas has completed the island’s first cooperatively managed solar microgrid. The system includes 700 solar panels mounted on seven buildings in the town’s central plaza and a 1 MWh battery storage system.

Ecuador project aims to protect Yasuní park borders & Indigenous peoples

The Yasuní Strip of Diversity and Life was created to protect the area’s Indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation and to uphold the rights of Indigenous and farming communities in the region.

Germany & France join E.U. nations suing Hungary over anti-LGBTQ+ law

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the European Parliament have also applied to join the suit.

Amsterdam airport bans private jets to reduce noise and climate pollution

According to the airport, private and small business travel departing from Amsterdam emits around 20 times more climate-warming carbon dioxide per passenger than commercial aircraft.

Uzbekistan adopts landmark legislation on domestic violence

Under the new law, people found guilty of assaulting a current or former partner will face fines or prison time, and sexual offenders will not be eligible for early release.

India completes its first solar park (2012 C.E.)

Located in Charanka Village in the state of Gujarat, the solar park is spread across 5,000 acres and includes 500 MW of solar and wind energy generation capacity.

For first time ever, India generates half of its energy from non-fossil fuel sources (2030 C.E. ???)

Through massive investments in solar and wind energy generation, India reaches its ambitious 2030 renewable energy targets initially announced in 2021.

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