Losing ourselves

Below is a chapter from my upcoming book Humanity Is Beautiful: A New Story For A World On Fire. Paying members can follow along and watch the book emerge and evolve as I write it. View the Table of Contents of this “living draft” here.

Today, many of us believe that we are losing or have already lost our planet, our traditions, our purity, or our dignity. All of these are potential losses to who we are. They are all existential crises.

Some respond with outrage or hatred, especially when there is someone or something to blame. Some respond with despair, especially when we believe that loss is imminent and inevitable. Some numb themselves with booze, drugs, fast food, sex, or TV and video games. Some go build a cabin in the middle of nowhere and shut themselves off from the world. Some allow themselves to be consumed by cynicism or apathy to protect themselves from disappointment.

There is one common thread across it all: fear.

Underneath all outrage, despair, hatred, cynicism, and apathy is just fear. We fear we are losing something essential, something that defines us, something that makes life worth living.

We fear that we have lost ourselves.

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