Electric vehicles to account for one-sixth of global market in 2023 amid record growth

Electric vehicles to account for one-sixth of global market in 2023 amid record growth

In 2022, 10 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide, capturing 14% of the total global automobile market. Sales are now expected to surpass 14 million EVs and more than 18% of the total market worldwide in 2023, showcasing spectacular growth.

Global growth in EVs sales and market share have been so solid that they have actually significantly outpaced estimates from the International Energy Agency (IAE), requiring the agency to revise its long-term projections. While the IAE previously expected EVs to account for 21% of the global market in 2030, it now projects them to account for 35% or more by that same year. Goldman Sachs expects EVs to capture at least half of all global sales by 2035 or sooner.

The United States, European Union, and China have led the way in EV sales worldwide and are expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. However, EVs sales are now growing exponentially in other markets, especially India and Indonesia, where three-wheel EVs are quickly gaining in popularity.

Just a few years ago, even in the United States, it seemed electric vehicles were a rarity. Now, they appear well on their way to the mainstream in many markets around the world, signaling another promising step toward a climate-friendly economy.

Funders launch pledge to support tribal-led restoration & conservation efforts in the U.S.

Fifteen funders have already committed $102.5 million to support the Tribal Nations Conservation Pledge goals across the country since its launch in March.

Smart running and cycling highway in Dubai runs on 100% renewable energy

The Loop in Dubai is a sustainable urban highway meant for runners, pedestrians, and cyclists. It uses kinetic power to run on 100% renewable energy, is irrigated with 100% recycled water, and also integrates vertical farms into its design.

Hydrogel prevents brain cancer returning in 100% of test mice

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University have developed a hydrogel that can be applied to the cavity in the brain left behind after a tumor is removed, slowly releasing medication to kill any cancer cells left behind.

E.U. lawmakers approve world’s first carbon import tax

At the core of the broader EU package is a so-called “Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism” (CBAM), which seeks to incentivize non-EU nations to increase their climate ambitions.

Machine learning model accurately predicts stroke using existing data

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Florida International, and Santa Clara Universities have developed an automated screening tool using machine learning that can predict strokes with 84% accuracy, outperforming existing models.

New Zealand cabinet reaches gender equality for the first time

Northland MP Willow-Jean Prime, who is of Māori descent, was recently promoted as cabinet minister. There are now 10 women and 10 male members in the cabinet for the time in the nation’s history.

Washington State passes “shield law” to protect people from out-of-state seeking gender-affirming care and abortions

H.B. 1469 prohibits Washington legal authorities from cooperating with out-of-state subpoenas, court orders, warrants, and extradition requests regarding gender and reproductive health care.

World’s largest battery maker announces major breakthrough in energy density

“The launch of condensed batteries will usher in an era of universal electrification of sea, land and air transportation…,” according to Chinese battery manufacturer CATL.

E.U. parliament passes historic law forcing companies to track deforestation

A new law, passed with an overwhelming majority by the European Parliament, requires companies to demonstrate their products aren’t sourced to deforested land or land with forest degradation, or else risk heavy fines.

Thomas Davenport invents what is perhaps the world’s first electric vehicle (1834 C.E.)

As early as 1834, Davenport developed a battery-powered electric motor. He used it to operate a small model car on a short section of track, paving the way for the later electrification of streetcars.

EVs capture a majority of the global market for automobiles for the first time ever (2034 C.E. ???)

In historic milestone for climate action, electric cars and trucks account for more than half of all new automobiles sold worldwide, signaling a new era of EV ubiquity and climate action.

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Cringe is the embarrassment that arises when an action’s actual effect is way off the mark of its intended effect. If you intend to make an inspiring speech, but others perceive it as boring or naive, they might feel cringe for you. Maybe you will even feel cringe for yourself.

Fear of creating cringe is one of the most pervasive barriers to bold, authentic, meaningful action. Most of us will do whatever we can to avoid it.

Why? Think about it.

Cringe is inevitable whenever you offer something to the world. You could offer the most brilliant, charismatic performance, yet some cynic will still dismiss it as indulgent or precious. In fact, often the more brilliant your offer and the more some adore it, the more others will cringe at it.

And cringe is actually necessary to get better. Mastery is the culmination of countless failures and cringe-worthy moments.

I wonder: what in your life have you not been doing simply out of fear of cringe? What might it be like instead to embrace the cringe; to honor it as your guide and teacher; to acknowledge it as a sacred, necessary ingredient to growth?

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