Millions upon millions

remi walle UOwvwZ9Dy6w unsplash

One defense of President Trump I’ve heard lately is something to the effect of: “Everyone’s corrupt. This is just how the world works. Deal with it.”

I have no illusions that politicians are always working in good faith, even those who most reflect my values. What I refuse to accept is this idea that no one has earnest intentions, that we are all just in it for ourselves, that everyone is corrupt and selfish, that we can’t expect more. Just look around. Look at how many people devote their whole lives to service – the military, diplomats, career bureaucrats, teachers, social workers, health workers, even politicians.

Yes, there is corruption and greed throughout the world, on both sides of the aisle, across all cultures. And yet, millions upon millions of us wake up every day with an earnest intention to do good for the world. I bet you are one of them.

We cannot forget that.

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